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102, 3S-9; in a long list in TT VII 40, 77 beginning *if any monk or nun, lay brother, or lay sister’ the words ap ayağlığ ap \\ ayağs:z uluğ kičig can hardly mean ‘neither honorable nor dishonorable, great and small’, and this must be a rather unusual use of 1 ap ‘very honorable, very dishonorable’: Xak. ‘wild game’, but from the earliest period also used abstractly for ‘hunting wild game’. except NE where the synonymous word ag (3 eg, q.v.) is used. Oğuz and related tribes] call it a:w’ I 32, 1: KB (if a chief has zeal and generosity, he becomes famous) tileki yorır ötrü av ‘his wishes are fulfilled and his hunting [successful]' 2125; a.o. er avka: barmhš ‘a man went hunting’ Irk B 12; xanlik süsi: avka: ünmi:š ‘the army of the Khanate set out on a hunt’ do. I 81; ‘the Turks call “hunting” a:v, but they [i.e. from their sleep’ U 111 11, 8; U TT VIII ,4.13 (see udik); Civ. 77, 14 (see ud-): Xak, xı u: (later altered to udu:) ‘sleep’ (al-nawm)\ hence one says udı:dı:m ‘I slept’, abbreviated from u;dı:dı:m Kaš. in error u:dun) am: odgura: ‘arousing him from sleep’ II193, 4; similar phr. both 1 to:z and tu:z are so described to distinguish them from tö:z and tü:z, but, if some contrast with 2 o: is intended, it might mean, as in San., u not o, since ü: is not a very likely sound for an exclamation; see 2 ı:. xı u: ‘an exclamation of refusal (harf inkeŋ to obey an order’ (Kaš. contains a short note on prefixes of this nature, enumerating several of them, ap (ağ), sap (sarığ), etc.; some of these reappear in the lexicon, e.g.

Man usinta odunti ‘he woke from his sleep’ M I 6, 21-1: Uyğ. yok kim ol Šımnu küčige kopuğ uğay ‘there is nothing that he cannot do; by the power of Ahriman he will be able to do everything’ M II 5, 10-11: Bud. -u:/-ü: and u:- coalesced to produce -uma-/-üme- the ‘Impossible’ f. verb in the same sense in some modern languages, but this is improbable. kanıšayu: uma:tı:n ‘without being able to move’ Irk B 16 (and four o.o. 65; ada:rtu: uma:z ‘cannot endanger him’ Toyok 25, 29 (ETY II 59): Uyğ. Man.-A sözieyü umağay ‘will be unable to speak’ M I 15, 2-3: Man. f.); kilu usar ‘if he can make’ PP 35, 4; ertlni evdigeli uyur 'he can collect jewels’ TT V 26, 91-2; Sanskrit abhavyate ‘incapacity’ uma:-ta:čı bolma:k VIII A.44 (a.o.o.); körgeli udačı bolğay ‘he will be able to see’ Suv. tin alu umasar ‘if he cannot draw breath’ H I 141-2 (a.o.o. xı uğan ‘having power over all things’ (al-qedir 'ala'1-ašye), hence God is called uğan teŋri: ‘almighty God’ Kaš. Occasionally at later periods the two words are fused, and the compound thus formed entered in dicts.; in such cases the final consonant of the prefix is sometimes doubled. ) atlığ 1 a bush called narwa7i (}) (Persian ttarwdn ‘witch elm, Ulmus montana)’ Man.-uig, Frag. a l.-w., perhaps Chinese; apparently vocalized ay; if ı: or ı: perhaps some Chinese word like i ‘variegated, rainbow-coloured (clothing)’ (Giles 5, 434). xı ı: ‘orange-coloured brocade' (dibac neranciyul--lawn) Kaš. and replaced in the margin by o:ka: presumably taken from the example; it is not clear whether this word is an abbreviation of oğ, which appears as below and elsewhere in the medieval period, or whether the latter is an expanded form, prob. xıv man takallafa li ‘whoever has guaranteed to me’ translated kayu... E 10-11; vjııf T Man.-A b^š törlüğ ıda ığačda ‘in the five kmds of bushes and trees' M 7 8, 19-20; kaltı iğ yağı yarden t&min örtürürče ‘as one can grow bushes almost immediately on newly planted ground’ M I 14, 10; bir narwan (? leg.; the word, no doubt hamza waw was inadvertently omitted in the MS. xıal-kafil, ‘surety, security, pledge’; one says men anı; o:ka: aldım ‘I took him as security’ (kaffaltu bihŋ Kaš. (l) gamana wa kafala ‘to stand surety’ orglan- Rif m (only)): Xwar.

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